Weekend Novelist
I have been writing since first grade, though never in cursive. I love reading historical fiction and no period captivates me more than the Wars of the Roses.

From the October 2016 episode of Chivalry Today podcast: "Conversation #15 with author Lonnie Colson, author of The Second Great Mortality, a zombie apocalypse novel set in 15th century England. If zombie tales force us to confront the thin veneer of civility and humanity we live with in the modern world, what can a medieval zombie uprising teach us about the ideals of chivalry in 15th century culture (as well as today)? The Second Great Mortality is the perfect read for any medieval history enthusiast this Halloween season."

WELLINGTON — Lonnie Colson never set out to become an author let alone a writer of fantasy horror. His first love has always been medieval history, and no period captivates him more than fifteenth-century England. As a kid growing up in Wellington, his only outlet was dueling friends with trashcan lids and cane poles in his back yard and watching Arthurian movies such as Knights of the Round Table, Sword of the Valiant, and Excalibur. One day while leafing through newspapers in search of a debate topic for English class ...