Historical Reenactment
A lifelong Medieval history enthusiast, I enjoy the knightly pursuits of jousting, hunting, and sword fighting.

Medallion of Saint Hubert's Rangers. © Paul Wilburn 2014.

Several years ago I joined Saint Hubert's Rangers, an international, online brotherhood of like-minded individuals dedicated to the medieval hunt. Members portray mid-to-late medieval Western European hunters and attempt to authentically recreate the clothing, accoutrements, and hunting gear appropriate for their station. Rangers research all aspects of the daily lives of medieval hunters and continually strive to improve on the period authenticity of their hunting apparel and gear. Many members actively participate in live hunts wearing period clothing and using period weapons and hunting techniques--within the limits of modern law.

Although I am rarely able to find both the time and opportunity to hunt these days, I am still wholly fascinated by the martial aspects of the medieval chase. For more information about my obsession with this knightly sport, see Traditional Hunting. To see how the many knightly skills-at-arms are tied to hunting, see Mounted Skill at Arms.

Saint Hubert's Rangers was formed in 2006 by Paul Wilburn. Saint Hubert had strong associations with hunting in the Middle Ages. His conversion was said to have taken place while hunting a stag. His patronage included not only hunters, but also archers, furriers, foresters, and hunting dogs. Unfortunately, in 2016 the founder somewhat retired and the group ceased to accept new members.