Historical Reenactment

imageLonnie squares off against Ryan Hetchler of the Company of the Lynx Argent in a demonstration of knightly combat in front a crowd of students, October 2021.

"History comes alive in Collingsworth County" reports the Red River Sun as Wellington hosted its first living history weekend on October 8 and 9, 2021, at Powell Park. The event was organized by members of Sons of Confederate Veterans Charles Goodnight, Frontier Regiment Camp 2280. Hundreds of students from area schools arrived by the busload throughout the day on Friday and rotated through several presentations representing different time periods, including the American Civil War, Native American history, and the late medieval period of Europe.

Medieval History

Former resident Lonnie Colson portrayed an English knight on campaign during the 15th century. His display was centered around a 15-foot pavilion tent painted with his heraldry and motto: leges juraque servo, which is Latin for "I serve laws and justice." He was accompanied by a number of friends who each traveled several hours and donated their time to make the educational event a success.

Representing the Company of the Lynx Argent, Ryan and Caleb Hetchler, drove all the way from Oklahoma City to take part in the knightly combat demonstration. Donny McKay of the Funky Buckler in Colleyville, Texas, instructed the students in the use of sword and buckler as depicted in the 14th-century manuscript I.33. Several members of ARMA Denton were also on hand to give spectators an introduction to the art of late medieval and early Renaissance swordplay.

Civil War

Terry’s Texas Rangers brought two Civil War-era cannons, which they fired throughout the day, as well as a first-patent 1864 Gatlin gun.

Native American History

U.S. Army Indian war impersonators appeared alongside the Dancing Eagles of Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Students watched the Native American Dancing Eagles perform ceremonial dances and crowded into a teepee for traditional storytelling by the TiPi Tellers.

Chili Cookoff

Among the "Sutlers' Row" there were also numerous booths set up by local businesses, including a chili cook-off on Saturday. Members of the public were able to taste and vote on the winners.

History Symposium

On Saturday afternoon, the historic Wellington Ritz Theatre hosted a History Symposium. Marty Kuhlman, PhD, spoke of the Amarillo Bowery from the 1900-1911 period; historian Paul Matney, PhD, explained the early history of the High Plaines; and, retired professor William C. “Bill” Taylor talked about Jefferson Davis and Battle of Buena Vista, also known as "la Batalla de la Angostura," during the Mexican-American War. 


Read the full front-page article "History comes alive in Collingsworth County" and "Living History Weekend provides portal to past" on 10A of the October 15, 2021 edition of the Red River Sun.



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