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Although it had been a childhood dream of mine to compete in a historical jousting tournament, I had never been given the opportunity to break my first lance until Lysts on the Lake 2019.
The importance that the nobility placed on the sport of hunting cannot be overstated. The Master of Game, the oldest book on hunting in English was written about 1413 by Edward of Norwich, Duke of York.
Whether judicial trial by combat, a chivalric duel, or a deed of arms, the pollaxe was the primary weapon of choice between armoured men. By the 15th century, the sword and dagger were considered secondary weapons.
For a member of the knightly class, hunting was more than a simple hobby or pleasurable pastime--it was the essence of life. Gaston III, compte de Foix, wrote "all my time I am delighted in three things, the one is in arms, the other is in love, and the other is in hunting."
It started innocently enough. I bought a mail standard, or collar, made from 6mm steel rings. I stitched my own lining from a couple layers of linen and topped it with red leather. It still needed something else, so I decided to add a couple rows of brass rings. The rest is history.
I have been writing since first grade, though never in cursive. I love reading historical fiction, and no period captivates me more than the Wars of the Roses. Writing could be considered a more healthy outlet than sword fighting.

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In July 2022, I joined a team of American jousters in an international tournament at the Château de Sainte Croix Grand Tonne, a 14th-century chateau in the basse-Normandie region of France.
International Jouster
International Jouster July 24, 2022
Armorial Achievement
Armorial Achievement March 29, 2018
I started "playing" paintball over 25 years ago. In that time I have appeared alongside my "Hellions" in numerous magazine ads, a feature-length documentary, the local news, and even a British variety show.
Wellington 2021
Wellington 2021 October 09, 2021
Scenario Paintball
Scenario Paintball September 26, 2015
Lysts on the Lake 2019
Lysts on the Lake 2019 April 26, 2019
The Art of Maille-Making
The Art of Maille-Making March 31, 2020
My Armour Commission
My Armour CommissionMay 21, 2018
Inspiration for White Hart Inn
Inspiration for White Hart Inn April 11, 2022
Brigandine Armour
Brigandine Armour July 01, 2017
Contemplations on Building Armour
Contemplations on Armour November 29, 2020
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Inspiration for Saint Wystan's June 10, 2016
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Inspiration for Colleville Manor May 20, 2016
Medieval Timekeeping
Medieval Timekeeping May 20, 2016

The Revenant

In the summer of 1462, Sir Henrie Walshyngham, fearful that his wife would succumb to the feverous disease that had afflicted her for weeks, prayed to the Blessed Virgin Mary, begging her to intercede and ask God to restore his wife to good health. In return, he swore that he would carry out a pilgrimage to the Lady Chapel in Glastonbury Abbey. When his wife soon recovered, honor compelled him to fulfill his holy vow.

The Revenant is a 5-part tale of vengeance: a veteran knight, robbed and left for dead, is driven to seek answers and, ultimately, revenge. It is free to read exclusively on Vocal Media.

"The Revenant" is indeed a tale of vengeance beyond the grave, and a well done one at that. Offered by the author free at the online platform Vocal, "The Revenant" is an engaging tale of a veteran knight whose small company is waylaid by brigands in the woods. Destruction swiftly ensues, as is typical in these types of scenarios. I most enjoyed the small details of the times that the author included in the writing - the ease with which the author recreates the medieval world in this short story speaks to the ease with which he navigates this period of time.

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