Historical Reenactment

imageThe event is hosted every year by the Company of the Lynx Argent at Turner Falls State Park in Davis, Oklahoma.

The third annual La Campaigne du Château 2023 was an event hosted by the Company of the Lynx Argent that took place from 23 - 26 February 2023 at Turner Falls State Park in Davis, Oklahoma. It was billed as "a weekend immersed in the time of the latter half of the Hundred Years' War. Events of the weekend include armored and unarmored passages of arms, hiking to and exploring a castle in armor, mixed armor group skirmishes, and everything from fighting to music and dancing, plus period food and clothing throughout and a grand feast Saturday night."

Participants formed a fictitious military camp of the French and English which included feasting and camping and singing and [for some] dancing. Activities were stretched out over the event and included unarmored fencing, group skirmishes, and even armored fighting at the top of Collins Castle.

Additional details and registration information available on the event's Facebook page.


Armoured Jousting
It has been a childhood dream of mine to compete in a historical jousting tournament. I was finally given the opportunity to break my first lance at Lysts on the Lake 2019.
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Mounted Skills at Arms
Hunting was considered better training for war than jousting. The skill-at-arms competition is a way to demonstrate those abilities.
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Fighting in Armour on Foot
Harnischfechten is the German term for fighting in armour on foot.
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Traditional Hunting
For a member of the knightly class in the fifteenth century, hunting was far more than a simple hobby or pleasurable pastime--it was the very essence of life.
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Art of Maille-Making
Making maille, or chainmail, is like crocheting. But for men. And with steel.
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